Printable Presidents Day Coloring Pages

Writen by | February 21, 2022

Here are some fun free printable Presidents Day coloring pages for preschoolers, and Kindergarten children to color. These free Presidents Day Coloring Pages is perfect for President's Day, 4th of April, or any national/state holiday. They are also great for parties and holiday celebrations. You can have your children color these Presidents Day coloring pages in the colors they choose to create their favorite Presidents. Your Presidential photo is ready to be printed!

The first of the president's day coloring pages provides a wonderful opportunity to teach children about our President and give them an enjoyable way to express their President-like qualities. The page includes the President's full name, address, as well as his official portrait. The background of the portrait is a gold colored paper and the portrait itself is the same color. This printable President's day coloring page is a terrific gift for parents to give their children on Presidents Day.

The second of the President's day coloring pages gives students a chance to learn more about other Americans besides their own President. This colorful two-page color activity provides a way for preschoolers to learn more about all of the presidents since our nation's inception. This coloring page features a turkey with an apple orange center. The apple orange has been placed on the outside of the turkey's leg. Underneath the turkey's leg, a border is printed with the first president. Below that is a detail of each of the other presidencies, with corresponding presidential portraits.

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The fourth of the four Presidents day coloring pages features a humorous look at some of the other former presidents. The upper border of this coloring book has a silvery gray ink drawing of George Washington. His pants are blue, his moustache is white and there are four stars above his head. Above the picture of George Washington, there is a sentence that says, "The United States of America was founded on a platform of common interests and moral values." There are other things that are inscribed near the bottom of the page as well, which provide further information about each former president.

The fifth of the free President's day coloring pages features a portrait of Ronald Regan. His official portrait is on the lower part of the page and he is wearing a navy blue jacket. His pants are dark blue and he is standing next to a navy blue desk. Across the bottom of the page are two clear blue bars that spell out the words "Ronnieks!!!" The bottom part of the page also has a transparent blue bar underneath that is spelling out the word "lenity."

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Each of the five President's fact sheets can be printed in three different sizes. The largest size of these printable presidents days coloring pages is seven by ten inches and it contains fourteen coloring pictures. This is a good size if you need more than one print of each of the Presidents. If you only need a few, smaller size coloring pages will suffice.

The sixth of the free presidential fact sheets is a set of color pictures of the other nine presidents. The picture on the left is George H. W. Bush and the picture to the right is Thomas Jefferson. The top half of this page is divided into two panels, the top panel displaying the Presidents of the United States and the bottom panel showing the Congress and the executive branch. On the inside portion of the second panel you will find some fun facts about each of the Presidents. These include information about their controversial policy statements and the reasons behind them.

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Another fun facts included on these printable president's day coloring pages is information about the Vice Presidency. There are three colors to choose from, each depicting a different Vice President. When you are done with one of the coloring pages, the corresponding color is revealed along with a fun fact about each of the Vice Presidents. You will also find some historical facts as well, including information about the six letters of the name of each Vice President. Coloring pages like these can be found on almost all President's Day coloring pages.

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