Prodigal Son Coloring Pages

Writen by | April 1, 2022

The Prodigal Son coloring pages have a lot of unique lessons in a unique package. Most children's books are all about the characters or care about the characters that should be left alone, but this one presents a very good reason to read along with your children. In addition to the parable, there is also a story behind each of the seven parables found inside.

The prodigal son coloring page gives you a look at the life of our first family and what we had to do to get back on track. It might help children realize that their families are not perfect for them and that they need to learn to forgive others. Sometimes, having too many people in your family that caused you to make mistakes and left you angry is like living in a sand box. When you are given a chance to take another look at your past mistakes, it will help children know that they shouldn't be so quick to anger others.

The first lesson illustration is about forgiveness. As most parents can relate, sometimes when things get out of hand it is hard to think about what you're supposed to do. If you find yourself repeating an act over again, stop and think about how it might have been different if you only had the moment to think about it. If you didn't have all the details, but remember the main point, it is still possible to teach your children to forgive those who have wronged them. Even if you are just thinking about it.

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The second lesson illustration is the parable of the prodigal son, which demonstrates god s love for us. There are many reasons why children get into trouble. Sometimes it is because they don't understand why they have been given a punishment. Other times they are just stubborn or prideful and think they know better than everyone else.

The parable of the prodigal son shows how one should not look at a situation rationally. Children often do this while they are younger. It's something that they can still change, but you must get them to think about their motives and feelings before giving in to their own stubbornness. Luke 15 teaches us not to procrastinate and not to return home immediately after getting things done.

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The third lesson is the parable of the lost son. When you have lost someone you should not get depressed and neither should your children. Instead, you should work together to find them again. Children love to participate in these planning activities that help them put things into action even when mom is busy.

The fourth lesson is the parable of the empty stomach. While we may not always be hungry our children need proper nutrition. So, when planning your child's next birthday party or any other birthday party, plan a food fight. Have each child bring two healthy food items and provide healthy snacks for the group. Your son will learn that food is not a reward and that he should work for his food as opposed to cake or sweets which he can eat for dessert.

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The fifth lesson is the parable of the lost coin. This is the last parable in the series of bible lessons. Your son will be asked to bring a coin and if he doesn't have it bring a new coin so that the group has money for food. Plan an educational activity where your son learns that if you don't have money for food on your next birthday then you shouldn't complain and expect that your son will return home a day later.

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